what a few folks have to say …

“Jonathan is a therapist who knows what it means to walk the darkest valley of the heart and trust that despair, death doesn’t have the final word. He has walked that path with many to a surprising and wondrous conclusion. His skill and the depth of his heart enable him to offer to any who want life, a journey that will in spite of the struggle bring more goodness than can be imagined”… Dan B. Allender Ph.D, Professor of Counseling Psychology, Founding President of The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.

“Jonathan shared his story with our entire church…it was one of the most moving presentations that I’ve ever heard. Jonathan has a very rich and deep heart, combined with a remarkable ability to relate the gospel through the chalice of his own wounds. Jonathan is very relational. He is truly fascinated with people. In them, I think he sees our Lord”… Peter Hiett, Lead Pastor, The Sanctuary Downtown, Denver, CO.

“Jonathan is a man of integrity, strong character, and faith; a therapist who is approachable, relational, compassionate and tenacious. These are vitally important qualities when choosing a therapist you can trust. I wholeheartedly recommend Jonathan den Hartog”… Gina Waggoner, MAC, LMHC, Therapist, Director of Practicum of The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.

“One doesn’t have to know Jonathan very long to recognize his enthusiasm for quickly steering all of his relationships toward a rare and profound level of intimacy. He has a passion for relating to others through shared brokenness in order to create a relational environment that is based upon honesty and authenticity” … Justin Bullis, Pastor of Worship & Outreach, Belong Church, Denver, CO.